Get Livepeer Token 

Thanks so much for chatting with us! We are working on a scalable, reliable transcoding service you can use in your video stack. Until then, you can own a part of the network and even participate in making the network more secure by staking your token. As a thank you for your time, we are giving you 10 LPT. There are two ways to get your Livepeer token 1) Get Help 2) Do it Yourself

Option 1: Get Help

We'll walk you through the process over a google hangout

Option 2 : Do It Yourself

Use our Step by Step Guide 


1. Get Web 3 Wallet Address

We need an address to send your Token. If you already have an ETH address with Metamask, Cipher, Toshi, you can skip this step. Otherwise follow the steps below to get a Metamask account. Metamask is a wallet that is easy to use, while there are many options, we've laid out steps for this one

LPT (3).png

2. Send us Your Wallet Address

You will need: Web3 Wallet Address, Passphrase on the back of the Logo Sticker we gave you, and email address. We will send you 50 LPT (that's alot!) 

Name *

3. Stake Your Token

Livepeer Token holders vote on transcoders to transcode streams on their behalf. As a reward for voting on a transcoder, you will earn additional livepeer token every day that you are staking. So instead of holding them in your wallet and not doing anything with them, you can actually EARN MORE. Learn more in the Learn menu section, and then stake your token below